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The Stinger Pen Gun: A Tiny Shot in a Tiny Package [VIDEO]

The Stinger Pen Gun is a single-shot weapon capable of firing .22 LR ammunition, and it’s pretty dang cool.

The Stinger Pen Gun was originally marketed by the American Derringer Company between 1993 and 1994 as the Model 2 Pen Pistol. The weapon design and production then changed hands multiple times leading up to 2002.

Check out the Stinger Pen Gun in action in the Gun Websites video below.

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The last company to produce the Stinger Pen Gun was the Stinger Manufacturing Corporation. Unfortunately, that company is no longer in business and the pen gun is no longer being produced. If you want to own one of these unique weapons, you’ll have to keep an eye out online or at gun shows.

They say the pen is mightier than the sword. I don’t think they were aware of the Stinger Pen Gun when they came up with that one.

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The Stinger Pen Gun: A Tiny Shot in a Tiny Package [VIDEO]