Stevens 301 Turkey

Stevens Has Transformed the .410 Into a Gobbler Gun With the 301 Turkey


Want a simple, lightweight gobbler gun? The Stevens 301 Turkey makes a fine choice.

Isn't it about time you rethought your turkey hunting gun?

The new Stevens 301 Turkey shotgun is an interesting little .410 single-shot that's primed to shoot some of the most accurate (and still powerful) patterns you've ever seen.

Stevens, a shotgun-oriented brand from Savage Arms, has gone all out with the 301 Turkey. The shotgun would make a fantastic first turkey gun for a youngster getting into the sport, but it's equally as appropriate for an experienced (or even aged) hunter looking for something a little easier to carry through the woods.

Even if you just want to give your shoulder a break with minimal recoil, the .410 gauge is going to surprise you when you shoot this gun.

We were at SHOT Show 2019 and got to check out a ton of new guns, shooting supplies, and hunting gear throughout the week. When we saw the 301 Turkey, we were reminded of a short but impression-leaving encounter with the same gun months prior.

Our editor Eric was in Wyoming on a Pronghorn hunt, and it was hosted by Savage Arms and a few of their team members. When he got offered the chance to check out the Stevens 301 single shot break action shotgun, he jumped at it.

Most notable was the accuracy when the shotgun was paired with Federal Premium's HEAVYWEIGHT TSS turkey loads. The guns come with extra-full choke tubes that are ideally matched with the HEAVYWEIGHT TSS, and have created one serious gobbler gun.

The synthetic stock comes in Mossy Oak Bottomland or Mossy Oak Obsession camo patterns. It's set up with a rail for a red dot sight or a variety of other optics, and there's a recoil pad to absorb the already-light kick.

The 301 Turkey has a 26-inch barrel and an overall length of 41.5 inches. It's simple operation and manual hammer blocking safety make it a less-frills, more performance kind of gun.

If you've started to look for a new shotgun for turkey hunting, or want to help someone get introduced to it, the Stevens 301 Turkey is showing lots of promise.