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Steven Rinella’s Essay on Cooking over a Fire Featured in ‘The New York Times’

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Steven Rinella’s essay titled “Campfire Cooking: Roasts on a Stick” was featured in “The New York Times.”

Steven Rinella is becoming the face of hunting with his Eat What You Kill movement. His article titled “Campfire Cooking: Roasts on a Stick,” featured in “The New York Times,” is a prime example.

Rinella stands for much of what the non-hunting community stands for and his articles can be well translated to audiences that don’t necessarily hunt. He stands for self-sustainability, natural and humane ways to eat meat, and taking only what you need. Most of the country can align with this outlook on eating meat.

In his essay, Rinella talks about seeing the movie “Jeremiah Johnson” as a kid and how one particular scene really stood out to him. In the scene, Jeremiah Johnson is roasting a rabbit on a stick and offers it to his survival mentor. After offered the rabbit, the mentor says, “You cook good rabbit, Pilgrim.”

From then on, Rinella was obsessed with cooking the perfect meal on a stick.

The way Rinella positions his article is smart. Most households, male and female, obsess on cooking meat just right. By positioning his article around cooking the meat to perfection, he now has every different audience interested.

Rinella goes on to talk about his hunting ventures and cooking his catches over the fire. He talks about roasting rabbit, squirrel, grouse, and snapping turtle.

He comes to the conclusion that roasting meat perfectly over an open flame comes down to three things: “skin, distance and time.” The animal’s skin must be kept on to lock in the moisture; the meat must be far enough away from direct flames; and the amount of time for the meat to cook and roast in the smoke is key.

Not only is this good advice for cooking on the trail, but over your barbecue this summer as well. Rinella takes his stories and journeys as a hunter and translates them in a way that anyone can relate to.

And that is why pretty much everyone, hunter and grill master, will listen to Steven Rinella when it comes to cooking meat.

Rinella’s new two-part book titled “The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering and Cooking Wild Game” comes out this fall.

This, of course, is not the first time Steven Rinella has been published in The New York Times

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Steven Rinella’s Essay on Cooking over a Fire Featured in ‘The New York Times’