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Steven Rinella Shows Us How to Cape a Turkey for Display

Lear how to cape a turkey using these simple steps to get it right for displaying in your home.

Steven Rinella, host of MeatEater, brings a guest in to show us how to cape a turkey.

A cape from a turkey can make a great display for your home or office and doesn’t require a huge amount of cash like a full mount would. In fact, if you follow these steps, it will cost you almost nothing and provide a great reminder of your turkey hunt.

There you go, a box of Borax, some ultra-sharp skinning knives, and the key ingredient, a dead turkey, and you have everything you need for a great display for a couple of bucks.

As they say in the video, it is a trophy that provided you with excellent game fair for the table and a tangible memory of a great hunt.

I will continue to scout hard this winter, and when I get that bird, I will follow these steps to produce a trophy for my office. After watching this video, learning how to cape a turkey is not as difficult as I once thought.


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Steven Rinella Shows Us How to Cape a Turkey for Display