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Steven Rinella Goes Hunting for Mountain Lions with the Hounds

Steven Rinella lets the hounds loose and goes mountain lion hunting.

While hunting mountain lions with a pair of expert hunters and houndsmen, Steven Rinella learns just how hard it is to find one of the elusive cats in the arid Arizona wilderness.

Watch the video to see how the hunt goes and why Rinella feels that hunting can help develop skills that are useful in other areas of your life.

I've learned a little about scent and how well a dog can pick it up by hunting rabbits with beagles. Cool and damp conditions are best. Therefore, these dogs have their work cut out for them trying to pick up a track in the hot dry conditions these hunters were facing. Sorting out fresh tracks from those that were a day or more old made the hunt even more challenging.

This hunt is proof that mountain lion hunting with hounds is definitely not a sure thing and takes a ton of physical and mental stamina. This hunt gave Rinella yet another lesson in coping with failure, but I'm sure he'll be back to Arizona to chase mountain lions in the future.

What do you think? Are you ready to give dry ground hound hunting for mountain lions a try?


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Steven Rinella Goes Hunting for Mountain Lions with the Hounds