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Steven Rinella Discusses Trichinosis Contraction [VIDEO]

Trichinosis is the most important reason why you thoroughly cook your bear meat. Steven Rinella will tell you all about it. 

Steven Rinella, the host of MeatEater on the Sportsman’s Channel, discusses his recent bout with the disease, trichinosis. Steven contracted the disease on a recent black bear hunting expedition in Alaska.

Warning: Video contains graphic language.

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Trichinosis is a parasitic disease that comes from eating raw or under-cooked meat from pork or wild game. The parasite is especially common in bears. As Steve explains in the video, he and his crew didn’t take proper precautions when consuming meat from a bear their guest had harvested, and many of them became sick over a month later.

While all involved parties seems to have recovered, they will carry the parasites in their body for the rest of their lives, or until (as Steven mentions in the video) they are eaten during the forthcoming zombie apocalypse.

In which case he will have the last laugh.

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Steven Rinella Discusses Trichinosis Contraction [VIDEO]