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Steven Rinella and Chef Garcia Cook Morel Mushrooms

cook morel mushrooms

Steven Rinella and Chef Eduardo Garcia talk about and cook morel mushrooms, those elusive, much desired "warty little phallus" fungi.

Steve Rinella and his friend, Chef Eduardo Garcia, co-founder of Montana Mex, head into the field to search for morels. They find a hatful and bring them home, where Chef Garcia sauté the fungi in butter with a thyme, shallots and garlic.

It's a simple dish, but is, says Garcia, "like a match made in heaven."

"One of the things I love about morels," Rinella tells Garcia, "I like about them the fact that they're so mysterious and coveted."

"There's no mushroom that comes close, in my opinion," he says.

"Welcome to spring! Boom! Morels start popping," says Garcia as the inhale the aroma from the pan. "It almost doesn't make sense that some warty, little phallus growing out of the river bank tastes like that," smiles Rinella as he takes a bite.

If you're keen on finding some springtime morels, keep these 10 tips for finding morels in mind when the season rolls around again next year.

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Steven Rinella and Chef Garcia Cook Morel Mushrooms