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The 8 Most Stereotypical Hunting Scenes from Movies and TV [VIDEO]

Movies and TV shows love to poke fun at hunters. While we can take a joke as well as the next person, sometimes you need to point out when these clips just become over-played hunting stereotypes.

We cobbled together a few clips from the big and small screen that stereotype hunters as everything from trigger-happy to downright stupid.

If you can’t laugh at the clips themselves, you should at least get a chuckle about how far off the mark their ideas of real hunting are.

Wedding Crashers (2005)

In this clip, hunting is favored by the mentally unbalanced villain of the movie, so right off the bat you know the sport won’t get a fair shake. Vince Vaughn’s character claims that a hunter who is an environmentalist is somehow hypocritical and the hunters are then shown to dress comically and wander around aimlessly. They all absentmindedly pointing their gun barrels towards each others’ heads and fire at birds they don’t even see. This clip is funny but really doesn’t accurately depict a quail hunt.

The Distinguished Gentleman (1992)

In this scene, gun lobbyists excitedly declare their desire to have semi-automatic rifles as sportsmen, and the movie then exhibits them firing off dozens of rounds from AR-15s at a passing duck flock, only dropping one. We could get into how rifles would be near useless to hunt birds or the required plugged barrels and steel shot, but that would cut into the movie’s view that hunters are nothing more than rednecks eager to unleash some lead. Besides, any true gun-nut is going to be less offended by the message and more by the sight of these prop guns firing off round after round without ejecting a single piece of brass.

I Am Legend (2007)

I’ll admit this scene is pretty fun to watch, provided you don’t think about it too much. We’d all love to drive a nice car around empty streets and hunt deer in our free time, but if Remington had sponsored this movie instead of Ford, Will Smith probably would’ve been a much more practical deer hunter and actually brought home some venison. You think the only guy left alive in New York and hunting for subsistence would have a better method than to try and run down deer and shoot a carbine out the driver’s side window. But that wouldn’t sell cars as well.

South Park (2007)

South Park is a brilliant satire that knows how to push boundaries, so you can’t help but be disappointed in them relying on the played-out trigger-happy redneck hunter character. Jimbo drives a large SUV, drinks beer and smokes cigarettes (and gives them both to minors). He also bypasses Democrats who want him to stop hunting animals by claiming the animal is “coming right for us” before killing it, such as the deer he takes out with a bazooka, or “46 gauge.” The show is an equal-opportunity offender, but we kinda wish they had taken a better shot.

A Merry Hunt (2010)

In this short feature by Cake, a Dutch production company, a hunter blasts away at caribou in the woods, dropping six before he realizes he’s bagged a rare North Pole species. I guess the implication is this hunter is dumb or short sighted, but if you can take five headshots and kill six reindeer you deserve some bit of respect. Who says Call of Duty achievements are poor preparation for hunting? Now let’s just hope a lot of kids asked for venison this Christmas.

Open Season (2006)

Once again we see the typical murderous hunter in Shaw of Open Season, who proudly tries to kill a deer by running it down with this truck before opening day. It won’t be the first hunter stereotype this movie employs in what must be a misguided agenda by the filmmakers. Also, apparently hunting season means everything in the woods that breathes is fair game, because explaining responsible conservation to kids is harder. In a later scene, Shaw is so intent on killing a deer that escapes from his hood that he recklessly shoots up a town full of people, which is almost as serious of a crime as that mullet of his.

Bambi (1942)

The killing of Bambi’s mother is infamous in pop culture for traumatizing a lot of kids. But this scene is worth a second look to see how ridiculously the hunter is portrayed. It’s interesting how Bambi’s mom was picked off at a dead run presumably by the same guy that blasts away at random animals and misses like a drunk at the carnival shooting gallery. Hunter or no hunter, Bambi’s mom was doomed from the start simply by being a mother in a Disney film.

Monty Python’s Flying Circus (1970)

Monty Python is always absurd, and this video is no exception. In this amusing video, a grizzled Australian hunter named Hank and his companion Roy, track down the only animal we all agree should be wiped from the face of the earth, the mosquito, eliminating it with comically oversized firepower. While ridiculous, any hunter who’s been eaten alive by ‘skeeters  will appreciate the fantasy of blowing them up with RPGs and machine guns. Sure, you could always use bug spray, but as Roy says “Where’s the sport in that?”

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The 8 Most Stereotypical Hunting Scenes from Movies and TV [VIDEO]