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We Should All Be as Stealthy as This Feral Cat [VIDEO]

feral cat hunts birds in wide open space

Feral cat hunts birds like a jaguar.

We all know that when it comes to hunting it takes steadiness and patience to make the kill. Watch as this cat stalks its prey until the perfect opportunity presents itself.

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At first, several missed attempts were a bit discouraging. We didn't think this cat would be able to reach a bird due to the wide open space with no cover. Maybe she was testing the flock to look for the slowest bird?

We were pleasantly surprised when one bird happened to be a little too slow or oblivious to the situation and the cat was able to grab a meal.

Hunting is all about patience, strategy, and skill. This feral cat demonstrated ultimate predator precision despite weighing in under 15 pounds.

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We Should All Be as Stealthy as This Feral Cat [VIDEO]