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This Stealth War Ship is Worth $15 Million [VIDEO]

The Ghost war ship will blow your mind.

Developed by Juliet Marine Systems, the Ghost is said to have no radar signature. It's ease of use and the innovative supercavitating underwater structure of the boat make it even cooler.

Watch the video to see the Ghost in action.

Should the U.S. Navy invest in the Ghost?

The tactical advantages of literally floating under the radar seem to outweigh the costs. The ease of use means that operators would require less training to operate this war ship and the supercavitating underwater components allow a smoother ride.

On the flip side, the Ghost is the first war ship of its kind and, like any new technology, there are bound to be flaws.

In the future, Juliet Marine Systems hopes to include this new technology in sport fishing boats and jet skis. Imagine the look on your buddies' faces when you show them your new Ghost bass boat.

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This Stealth War Ship is Worth $15 Million [VIDEO]