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Stealth Rod Holders Have a Smart Quick Release to Help Set the Hook [VIDEO]

Unlike others on the market, Stealth Rod Holders have an effective quick release mechanism that will help set the hook when fish are on. 

Stealth has clearly thought everything through and tested their outdoor product extensively. It’s always a sign of innovative design when you see an emerging tool like this one, with Why didn’t I think of that?!-style effectiveness.

The Stealth Rod Holder can be installed on a flat vertical surface like a boat, kayak or dock. The rod easily pops into the holder and it will snap closed on its own.

Once you get a bite, simply pull up on the rod and it will set the hook in the fish, rather than send a vibration through the line that often make fish let go like with other rod holders.

See the demonstration here.

The original idea of a rod holder is a simple concept, but the Stealth rod holders are clearly a step into the next generation. There are a variety of rods that can fit into the rod holder, regardless of reel placement. The holder is sturdy and weather resistant. It is made of heavy duty nylon and elastomer so there won’t be rusting if it is kept in the elements.

All in all, this is a quality aid to your fishing experience that will free up your hands if you are paddling or doing other things on the boat.

Buy one here for $23.99.

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Stealth Rod Holders Have a Smart Quick Release to Help Set the Hook [VIDEO]