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Stealth Mode: Coyote Hunting with a Shotgun Suppressor is Pretty Fun

O'Neill Ops

When you need to pack a punch, break out the shotgun suppressor for close quarters coyote hunting.

Although lots of coyotes are taken down across fields at great distances, sometimes there’s just no stopping them when they’re on a string to the caller. And when the distance changes, it’s time to get a different tool for the job: a shotgun suppressor.

Watch the guys at O’Neill Ops get up close and personal with a couple of coyotes.

Way to knock down those coyotes, John, and as usual, awesome footage gentlemen!

Over the last year, the Salvo 12 shotgun suppressor from SilencerCo has been completely transforming the game for both shotgun shooters and diehard hunters alike. With a muzzle average of 136.8dB, this suppressor not only reduces the overall shot-sound, but more importantly, reduces felt recoil by a noticeable and appreciative amount. Less-felt recoil equals quicker follow-up shots without having to re-establish eyes on your target.

At 12 inches in length, the Salvo 12 can be altered by the shooter to help balance weight and modify sound suppression for your particular setup. SilencerCo even sells a choke adapter so that you can continue to use your favorite choke tubes depending on your specific shooting scenarios.

With the SilencerCo Salvo 12 on the end of your barrel, shooting a shotgun is actually fun again!


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Stealth Mode: Coyote Hunting with a Shotgun Suppressor is Pretty Fun