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Listen to the 'Stealing Your Public Land' Web Series with Randy Newberg

Theft of your public lands is a "cold dead hands" issue with Randy Newberg.

Randy Newberg, host of the Sportsman Channel's "Fresh Tracks With Randy Newberg" and the "Hunt Talk Radio, Randy Newberg Unfiltered" podcast is a professional public land hunter who using his media platforms to fight for the land that so many of us hunt on.

This year Randy started releasing past episodes of "Fresh Tracks" on YouTube, as well as creating original content, including the highly informative Elk Talk Series. His most recent effort is a brand new web series, called "Stealing Your Public Lands", which is aimed at highlighting the threats to public lands by those whose goal it is to transfer or outright sell them. Check out the first episode below.

In the upcoming series, Randy will give the history of the transfer movement, address issues on a state-by-state basis, highlight the history of states selling lands once they have control, and debunk the myths of the transfer movement.

Randy sums it up best when he says:

"The idea that we should sell them, or the idea that we should transfer them to the states is a anti-hunting idea, its a anti-camping, anti-hiking, anti-recreation...its a anti-American idea."

Keep this message in mind next time you are out enjoying the vast amount of open country available to us all. There are some out there who want to take that opportunity away from you, and there are those who are fighting to keep this uniquely American birthright. Which side of history do you want to be on?


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Listen to the 'Stealing Your Public Land' Web Series with Randy Newberg