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Here’s How NOT To Steal Fishing Gear

A shoplifter in Rock Hill, South Carolina tried to steal fishing gear by stuffing poles down his pants.

A Fort Mill man was arrested and charged for shoplifting at a Walmart in Rock Hill, and police are saying he shoved a fishing pole down his pants, as reported by the Fort Mill Times.

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Ernest Potts was seen by an employee walking through the fishing gear aisle awkwardly, as though he had something in his black pants. It was “as if he had a long item in his pants leg,” according to the police report.

A quick investigation of the aisle revealed removed tags and labels, and security footage of the culprit’s license plate led to his arrest at a gas station not long after.

Photo via Fort Mills Times

Potts confessed to taking $250 worth of equipment, including several poles, lures, plastic worms and line. Sounds like all he needed was a fishing license, but something tells us he wouldn’t have bothered to buy one.

We’ll let you make your own jokes about sticking fishing poles in your pants.

What would you do if you saw someone trying to steal fishing gear?

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Here’s How NOT To Steal Fishing Gear