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Staying Warm from Head to Toe While Hunting

Staying warm while hunting in cold weather will make you a better hunter. Here’s how to do it.

Randy Newberg shares how he deals with cold weather on his late season hunts in the high country.

In the first video Newberg looks at everything but footwear for keeping his body warm in cold temperatures. He is, like all experienced hunters, an advocate of the layering system of body temperature maintenance.

At the core of his philosophy is the very basic but practical goal of staying dry. And staying dry means avoiding or quickly losing the moisture of sweat. He emphasizes, “An evaporating surface loses heat five times faster than a dry surface.”

Newberg discusses all aspects of his layering method, including some specific items of clothing such gloves vs. mittens and different head coverings. He even discusses building a small fire while actively hunting.

A hunter’s feet are arguably his most important physical asset. Newberg covers his footwear considerations in the next video.

It’s been said that if you can pull a single useful tip from a presentation then the time has been well spent. I pulled at least two or three pearls from Newberg’s advice: his tips concerning custom orthotics, wearing gaiters and changing footgear from vehicle to field are excellent ideas.

Newberg’s main points:

  • Stay dry
  • Use the layering system
  • Keep exposed surface area to a minimum
  • Consider the pros and cons of specific materials (e.g., wool vs. synthetics)
  • Consider the practical features of each item of apparel (e.g., gloves vs. mittens)
  • Be mindful of your own physical capabilities and demands

What tips or practices do you employ for staying warm in cold weather conditions? Are there specific articles of clothing or materials that you favor over others?

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Staying Warm from Head to Toe While Hunting