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Staying Positive Was the Key to Success on This Elk Hunt

Staying positive when things aren't going your way on a hunt is hard, but it's often the key to success.

In this hunt, Cory Jacobsen and Dirk Durham hike miles of country, battle vehicle troubles, encounter close-lipped bulls, and receive some unwanted advice from another hunter. But by staying positive, they are able to get the job done with a beautiful Idaho archery elk.

Watch the video to see the trials and tribulations the pair went through before finally notching a tag.

"You gotta laugh or you'd be pissed off." That pretty much sums up what to do when a hunt isn't going as planned.

Look at it this way, you can either piss and moan about the situation or deal with it, staying positive as you do. An old hunting partner of mine used to chalk up every mishap to fate, saying things like, "We got that dead battery so we wouldn't get there too soon and miss the action." I always thought he was full of it (and he usually was), but the grin the comment produced made me feel better anyway.

Even when things aren't going the way you'd hoped, if you hunt hard and stay persistent, your luck is bound to change. Staying positive until it does is often the difference between success and failure.


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Staying Positive Was the Key to Success on This Elk Hunt