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Stay Out of the Water in Kruger Park: Crocodile Attacks Lion [VIDEO]

Crocodile Attacks Lion

Nothing is safe in the waters of Kruger National Park, as demonstrated by this crocodile attack on a lion attempting to swim the Sabie River.

Though lions are dominant predators on land, everything changes when they enter the water: the home of another formidable predator, crocodile.

This young male lion learned this lesson the hard way when he tried to swim across the Sabie River in the southern portion of South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

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Luckily for this lion, the crocodile was not very large and seemed to make only a halfhearted attack in relatively shallow water, where the lion could make a hasty escape.

Had this been a larger crocodile, or had this attack occurred in deeper water, the story probably would not have had a happy ending for the lion.

This crocodile attack took place in the Lower Sabie River next to the H10 bridge in Kruger National Park, which coincidentally, was also the scene of this young male lion causing a traffic jam. Perhaps it was the same lion?

If so, he got a new lease on life and may be seen in the future causing more traffic jams on this bridge.

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Stay Out of the Water in Kruger Park: Crocodile Attacks Lion [VIDEO]