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Stay Undetected and Kill More Public Land Bucks [VIDEO]

Public land bucks that reach maturity do so for a reason. They’re smart and know where to hide when hunting pressure drives them from their core areas.

Most hunters try to use scouting, trail cameras, and on-the-ground observations to pattern the whitetail buck they are after. But time and time again, mature bucks, particularly public land bucks, are able to pattern us far better than we pattern them.

Use the tips in this video to stay undetected and put your eyes and sights on more public land bucks.

Steve Bartylla has a long history of taking down big bucks on both private and public lands. By avoiding deer on the way to and from your stand or blind you could experience similar success.

Public land bucks are particularly sensitive to hunting pressure and extra care should be taken to avoid spooking them and alerting them to the fact that they are being hunted.

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Stay Undetected and Kill More Public Land Bucks [VIDEO]