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Stay Safe with This Tactical Knife/.22 Pistol

Everyone knows the value a tactical knife and a pistol in a self-defense situation. This tactical knife/.22 pistol combines the two.

This tactical knife/.22 pistol gives users the best of both worlds when it comes to self and home defense. Only a small number of these interesting weapons were manufactured, but if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one, you and your family will be a whole lot safer.

Watch the video to see how this tactical knife/.22 pistol works.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in the world of tactical knives, somebody adds a pistol to the grip and blows everything else out of the water.

I’m not sure what kind of accuracy this thing would have and the .22 long rifle is a bit small for self-defense situations, but as a close range weapon this tactical knife/.22 pistol could be devastating.

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Stay Safe with This Tactical Knife/.22 Pistol