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Stay Protected This Deer Season with Sitka Gear's Whitetail Line

Sitka Gear

We might be a couple weeks away from the first of many opening day's, but it's never too early to mentally prepare yourself for this deer season.

Can you believe that it's already the middle of August? The last month of real preparation before the upcoming deer season. You've scouted, hung stands, trimmed shooting lanes and have practiced until there was no light left. Now is the time sit back, relax and mentally prepare yourself for the season ahead.

Watch this unbelievable footage from Sitka Gear and get ready for your best deer season yet!

Deer season requires us to be at the very pinnacle of our game. Whether it's shot placement, treestand location or scent elimination, mature whitetails will make you pay every single time if you aren't operating at 110 percent.

Equally as important during deer season is your choice of camouflage to match both the landscape and the climate that you're hunting in.

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Sitka Gear

Founded in 2005, Sitka Gear took the hunting industry by storm when they decided to create performance apparel for the most hardcore hunters. For the most diehard deer hunters, Sitka's whitetail systems will keep you concealed day in a day out, all while keeping your body warm, dry and protected from the wrath of mother nature.

Because the weather during the season can vary so much, the outstanding team at Sitka have created everything from base layers to vests and bibs to adequately suite your hunting scenario.


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Stay Protected This Deer Season with Sitka Gear's Whitetail Line