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State Says Man Accused of Killing Pedals the Bear Didn’t Do It

pedals the bear

With all the social media hype out of the way, find out why the state says the accused hunter did not kill Pedals the bear.

After Thomas McCreary was falsely accused of killing Pedals the bear, people threatened to kill him and his family, rape his family members, and burn his home and business to the ground.

However, a report by says those accusations were never verified. In fact, Bob Considine of the The State Department of Environmental Protection confirmed Monday that McCreary is not the hunter who turned in the bear that people believed to be Pedals.

If you are not familiar with who Pedals the bear is, check out the video below to see why this internet sensation is such a big deal in the New Jersey community.

“No, I didn’t kill Pedals,” McCreary said. “I’ve never shot a bear in New Jersey. It’s as simple as calling the Division of Fish and Game to see if I’ve ever checked in a bear in the state of New Jersey. “Do you think anybody bothered to check?”

McCreasy says that it all started because he posted a comment to a Facebook page that was started for Pedals suggesting that the bear may have been killed. That page is now closed due to the number of hostile threats made against McCreary and his family.

“This shows how the animal rights activists operate,” said McCreary. “They’ll propagate any type of lie to push their agenda. If you don’t align with them or agree with them or question them, they threaten your life and your family’s life. They’re nothing more than a bunch of cowards and domestic terrorists.

“What Sabrina and the Pedals’ group are doing is a good thing with good intentions,” McCreary said. “It’s just the anti-hunting people on her page. They don’t act rationally. I’ll never apologize for being a hunter.”

While game officials did receive a bear that they say looked like Pedals, at this point, there is no way to determine whether it actually was Pedals.

One thing is for certain, Thomas McCreary isn’t the responsible party.

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State Says Man Accused of Killing Pedals the Bear Didn’t Do It