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State Representative Pushes Bill to Lower Hunting Age in Maine [VIDEO]

Flickr/Bob Oatman

The hunting age in Maine may lower from 10 to 8 in order to get kids into hunting at a younger age if a bill is passed.

A proposed bill that could lower the legal hunting age in the state of Maine has been submitted, according to reports.

State Representative of Belgrade, Gary Hilliard, has filed L.R. 718 to the state legislature calling for the required age to legally obtain a junior hunting license to eight years of age. Currently, Maine law states that hunters are required to be between the ages of 10 and 15 to have a junior license, while also in the presence of a licensed adult when they are hunting.

At present there are 33 states that don't have a lower or minimum age required for hunters, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Hilliard believes that with the number of hunters declining over the years efforts to save conservation could suffer.

Nationwide, if we lose ten hunters we only replace them with six hunters. In Maine it's worse than that, we only replace them with five hunters. Research shows that the younger we start these kids hunting, the better that retention rate is in that state.

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State Representative Pushes Bill to Lower Hunting Age in Maine [VIDEO]