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State Record White Catfish Caught in South Carolina

Angler Charles Earp recently bagged South Carolina's state-record white catfish.

Earp caught the 12-pound, 2.9-ounce catfish on June 23 while fishing off of Spence's Point on Lake Murray, according to South Carolina Sportsman.

The lucky angler caught the fish on a treble-hooked sponge coated in Sonny's Super Sticky Catfish dip bait in approximately 6 feet of water.

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources representatives identified the fish as a white catfish, and weighed it on official DNR scales in Columbia, S.C.

DNR Biologist Ron Ron Ahle said he's not surprised by Earp's large catch.

"We have been seeing a substantial increase in the size of white catfish in this lake from our surveys," said Ahle.

"I wouldn't be surprised to see another record white catfish or a state-record white perch come out of this lake, because I know they are in here."

The state DNR is currently is currently processing the paperwork for the official record. Earp's record white catfish beat the previous state record of 9-pounds 15-ounces by more than 2 pounds.

White catfish have a few distinctive features that distinguish them from other catfish.

"A white catfish has a forked tail like a channel and a blue catfish, but the fork is very shallow, very typical for a white catfish, which is the largest member of the bullhead family of catfish," Ahle said.

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State Record White Catfish Caught in South Carolina