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State Ponders Use of High-Powered Rifles for Indiana Deer Hunters


Should Indiana deer hunters be able to use high-powered rifles during their firearms deer season?

Wildlife officials in the Hoosier State are currently considering a proposal that would allow the use of high-powered rifles for Indiana deer hunters.

The issue has caused the Indiana deer hunting community to become polarized, pushing many to express their opposing feelings about the safety and decency of the proposal.

Those opposed feel firing rifles with greater distance capabilities would comprise safety for other hunters on Indiana’s relatively flat terrain. Also, this would make Indiana deer hunters far more effective, resulting in the eventual harm to the deer population.

Doug Allman, a spokesman for the Indiana Deer Hunters Association, told reporters he feels the proposal will threaten efforts to expand deer hunting areas into suburban regions, where the populations are large. Many opposed to the expansion of hunting areas cited long-range rifles as a safety risk, and the proposed use of more efficient rifles would likely make the expansion efforts more difficult to pass.

Advocates argue high-powered rifles are just as safe as the firearms currently permissible. In regards to the deer population, they feel the bag limits would keep deer at a healthy population.

Matt Underwood, a regional director and volunteer recruiter for the National Wild Turkey Foundation, says the proposal would allow better firearms in deer hunts, more specifically, weapons with less kick.

Many hunters note Indiana state officials have been allowing increasingly more effective firearms to be used during the state’s firearm deer seasons throughout the years.

Currently, Indiana deer hunters can use smaller caliber rifles with specific kinds of pistol bullets, shotgun firing slugs and muzzleloading rifles.

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State Ponders Use of High-Powered Rifles for Indiana Deer Hunters