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State Knife Possession Laws [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here are the state knife possession laws in an easy-to-understand infographic.

Hunters and anglers are often curious about license and regulatory requirements for their outdoor activities; when the law is involved, there’s little room for error or the “I didn’t know” excuse. Though the information available usually covers firearms and hunting rules, the topic of knife laws is something that’s not easy to find.

Until now. The smart people at shared this recent infographic that covers the state-by-state information needed to ensure you’re within your rights when carrying knives.

Ballistic knives and switchblades include a lot of legislation variance, making this infographic a helpful addition to the traveling hunter or angler’s resources.

Click on the image for a larger, zoomable version.



KnifeUp provides details down to the inch, literally. Now you’ll know if you’re within your legal rights to be carrying specific knives in specific locations, as each of the state knife possession laws are spelled out nicely.


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State Knife Possession Laws [INFOGRAPHIC]