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Starving Polar Bear Makes Do-Or-Die Stalk on Alert Seal


A desperate polar bear makes an incredible stalk on an alert, but unsuspecting seal in this stunning film.

Did you know that polar bears succeed, on average, in only about one of every twenty hunts? When a bear is as malnourished as this one appears to be, the margin for error is very small indeed.

As narrator Sir David Attenborough indicates, "The cost can be great. Each failed attempt brings her closer to starvation."

The attention to detail and focus of this starving bear's stalk is incredibly intense. She ingeniously considers the wind direction, her own silent and deliberate movement, and the position of a young seal lying on an ice raft.

The climax of the hunt is far more exciting and dramatic than one might think possible for a three-minute video.

The video is a segment from the "In the Grip of the Seasons" episode of the BBC series The Hunt. The Hunt is produced by Alastair Fothergill, who says,

The most exciting behaviour in the natural world is predation, but it has always been portrayed in the same way on screen: bloody teeth, marauding sharks, nature red in tooth and claw.

Yet actually the kill itself isn't interesting, because once animals have killed, the story's over. What is interesting is the build up, the strategies adopted by both the predators and prey. This has never been looked at in detail, and that is the aim of The Hunt.

The suspenseful story and high visual quality of this brief video production make it unique. This is a wildlife drama you'll want to share.

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Starving Polar Bear Makes Do-Or-Die Stalk on Alert Seal