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Startled Your Buck? Here’s What to Do


So, you startled the buck you were after. Don’t panic: here are some tips to help deal with a few scenarios. 

It’s early morning, and you are trying to quietly make your way to your stand. Just as you reach your ladder you hear a loud wheeze, and leaves scatter. You look up to see your startled buck take off up the trail.

Spooking a deer is a dreadful feeling. But depending on how you startled it, the deer will dictate what to do about it. So, take a breath before you immediately start thinking about moving your stand location or anything else.

Bill Winke from Hoyt Archery knows a thing or two about deer hunting. In the video below, he gives some advice on what to do, depending on your situation.

This is all great advice from Winke. I especially liked the bit about startling not only the bucks, but the does. We often don’t care too much if we spook them, but if they stay away from an area, you can guarantee the bucks will, too.

The real point, I think, is not to freak out just because you startled a deer. It happens to all of us at some point.

Just remember that every situation is going to call for a different strategy. You just need to think about what happened and make the call from there.

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Startled Your Buck? Here’s What to Do