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Startled Possum Sends Deer Airborne [VIDEO]

Here’s some priceless wildlife watching to get your weekend started.

Have you ever been caught off guard by a possum while taking out the trash at night? Were you startled enough to leap backwards, maybe utter a cuss word in the moment of surprise?

No matter how you reacted, I’m willing to bet it wasn’t anything like this deer’s reaction when it stumbled on a possum late at night.

The doe was grazing in a forest when it rubbed noses with a possum on the ground. The startled possum didn’t take kindly to the rub, and gave the doe a nip that sent her flying backwards up into the air.

Lucky for us, the incident happened right in front of a trail camera set to record.

Seems like both animals were spooked by one another.

Possums usually play dead when they’re frightened or startled. They curl up and release the scent of a dead or sick animal to trick nearby predators.

As for the deer’s reaction, whitetail deer have been known to jump high when startled. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, whitetail can sometimes jump up to 15 feet high. We’ve shared a few videos of them jumping over moving cars and roadside fences.

Happy weekend everyone!

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Startled Possum Sends Deer Airborne [VIDEO]