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How to Turn a Newbie into a Hunter by This Fall

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Trying to convince a new friend that has never been hunting to become a hunter? You can do it right now.

Most people that hunt grew up with hunting in their family. It is usually a tradition that is passed down from generation to generation, yet there are people out there that would love hunting, they just don't know it. If you have a friend that has never hunted, here's how you can turn him or her into a hunter before fall.

1. Share stories

One of my favorite things about hunting is sitting around a fire and sharing stories about past hunts. The hunts don't last forever, but the memories do. I would encourage you to gather a bunch of your hunting buddies for a grill out and a fire.

Bring along your friend that you want to turn into a hunter, there's a good chance he or she will be able to see the sheer joy that you and your hunting buddies experience while reminiscing over past hunts. It also shows how hunting forms a community that is supportive of one another.

2. Bring them fishing


There might be a chance that even though your friend isn't a hunter, they may fish. Whether they do or not, bringing them fishing can be a great opportunity to get them into hunting. If they have a great time fishing with you, which odds are they will, you can explain to them how hunting is similar in a way.

Get them on the lake, and there's a good chance you can get them in the woods.

3. Take them to the range


As hunters, we love to go shooting during the offseason. Not only is it a time to make sure your bow/gun is shooting correctly, it's something that we have fun doing. Encourage your friend to come with you next time instead of telling them you'll hang out after you get back.

They may like it just as much as you, and it could be the start of turning them into a hunter.

4. Time for a new scouting partner

How often do you go scouting in the summer with the same buddies you hunt with, or even by yourself? Get your friend to come along and see what he or she thinks. Have them check trail cameras with you and show them all of your pictures. It may just spark an interest they didn't know existed.

There are many ways to get a newbie to become a hunter. The most important thing when it comes to getting somebody into hunting is to not force it upon them. Be genuine, and just show them how much you love it. When someone sees another person enjoy something so much, it is hard to not notice it, and they may just want to see what hunting is all about.

Did you enjoy this article? You can read great deer hunting articles by Alex Comstock on his blog WhitetailDNA. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @WhitetailDNA and Instagram @Whitetail_DNA. 


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How to Turn a Newbie into a Hunter by This Fall