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Start Mock Scrapes This Summer to Pattern Deer in the Fall

This is why you should start a series of mock scrapes this summer to prep for a game changing deer season.

Northeast Hunting will show you why it’s a great idea to begin mock scrapes this summer to start patterning the big whitetails in your neighbourhood.

Nothing will bring out the big guys like instilling some ferocious territorial competition that will draw out normally reclusive bucks to your scrape sites for those shot opportunities.

Creating mock scrapes is a great and fairly inexpensive way to take advantage of natural whitetail behaviour, and the bonus is a series of scrapes will let you get a good idea of buck movement and when they are out and about during shooting light.

There are a number of mock scrape products where you just prep the ground, spray the product, ensure there is a licking branch above, and voila, you have created a good set of mock scrapes.

I will definitely be combining some mocks scrapes with my other deer hunting preparations this summer and early fall. Once I have some scrapes set I will get some trail cams on them and get a good indicator of the deer roaming the property.



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Start Mock Scrapes This Summer to Pattern Deer in the Fall