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A Guitar Pick is Among the Weirdest Things You Can Start a Fire With

It never ceases to amaze me the incredible and weird methods people use to start a fire, like with a guitar pick.

Learning to start a fire in a survival situation can mean the difference between life and death. There are numerous methods and a lot of cool tricks to help you in the process. One is using a guitar pick to start a fire.

This is one of those unique ideas you might not think of using to help get a fire going. Its simplicity will blow your mind.

This video was created after the February Apocabox skill challenge from Creek Stewart. For those who don’t know, Creek Stewart is a wilderness survival and prepping expert who started the Willow Haven Outdoor survival school. He also has a show called “Fat Guys in the Woods.” He started the Apocabox challenge as a way to share his knowledge and hand-chosen survival gear with subscribers.

This idea is so great, because guitar picks are cheap, small, and waterproof. You can easily carry a lot of them and start a fire very quickly in just about any type of weather. I highly suggest everyone keep some guitar picks in your bag or on your person when heading out into the woods.

Since trying this challenge, I keep about ten guitar picks in my day pack, a small bag of them in my camping gear, and a few in my wallet just in case. Just don’t forget to carry a ferrous rod or some other fire starting tool to throw sparks. You might be able to use a friction fire as an accelerant with the ember, but I haven’t tried it yet.



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A Guitar Pick is Among the Weirdest Things You Can Start a Fire With