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Stanley – Your Granddad’s Company (and Then Some!) [PICS]

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Stanley is an outdoor brand name that is timelessly recognized.

By: Steve Bender from Vanishing Paradise

When I was growing up, the industry standard thermos was the green, metal, insulated vacuum bottle by Stanley.

It was on the seat between my Granddad and I as we headed out to chase quail early in the morning; it was cradled in the arm of the guys headed to work at one of several local industrial plants in my home town; and it was rolling around behind the seat of the OTR truck driver headed to any number of seemingly exotic locations.

Why? Because it kept coffee hot! That mug kept its contents lava-like and it could take a pounding. They were dented, bruised and chipped but never stopped keeping coffee the right temperature. And there have only been a few modifications to the design over the years because it is hard to improve on.

Stanley has taken that same hard-core ethic and put it into other offerings and as a hunter who wants his coffee hot when he gets to the field (and back from the hunt) and as an angler who wants to sip coffee all morning while on the water, I needed to try some of those products.

Stanley Mug on boat
Steve Bender

If you don't need to have a full thermos of coffee on the road but want at least one good hit on the way to your blind, the 16-ounce One Hand Vacuum Mug by Stanley ($28 suggested retail) may be of interest to you. It has that same Hammerstone exterior as your Granddad's thermos but is easily held in one hand and fits into most vehicle cup holders (I have tried it in my truck and on my boat - no problems!).

The mug does a great job of insulating as you would expect but it was also the safest mug I have ever used. If you drop it on your lap after you take a sip, it may land hard but it is not going to spill due to the tight lid and push button drinking system.

You will be safe and clean after any drop or accident. The only drawback to the system is that the pushbutton is nice and tight when you first get the mug so you will have to use it some to loosen it up a bit. Once I broke mine in, I was good to go.

I think I have found my new best friend for the upcoming field season. As I prep for the deer and duck blinds or to chase fall turkey, I will be gathering up my gear. I am so happy with the Stanley that I will make it part of my standard kit.

Lord knows that as I stumble out of my house at four in the morning, heading to my lease, I will not only need the caffeine supplied to me by this product, I will most certainly drop it and not have to worry about heading back in the house to make another pot.

I will just smile at the dent or ding or scratch as I remember my Granddad drinking from the lid of his own loved, abused Stanley thermos.

There are a couple of other Stanley products I will be reviewing soon so don't forget to look for them!

Shoot straight!


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Stanley – Your Granddad’s Company (and Then Some!) [PICS]