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How to Stand Up in a Kayak for Fishing

If you don’t want to go swimming instead of fishing, give a listen to this advice on how to stand up in a kayak.

Kayak manufacturers have yet to produce a craft that is stable enough to allow an angler to stand up without caution or move in a relatively carefree manner while standing. Standing in a kayak is as dicey as trying to stand up in a canoe.

But sometimes you “need” to stand, to get a better sight angle into the water or at the very least, to stretch your legs and back after hours of sitting.

Gene Jensen, aka the Flukemaster, has done a lot of fishing this past year from his new Hobie PA14 kayak and he can offer some solid advice on how to stand up in a kayak safely and confidently.

Jensen is a big man, and if he can do it, you can do it. Like most things, it takes practice.

Here are his main points (and one of my own) for safely standing up in a kayak:

  • Avoid trying to stand up in a narrow kayak and/or one with a rounded hull.
  • Don’t try to practice standing up when the water is dangerously cold. Getting wet is not as bad as hypothermia.
  • Practice in an empty boat. Remove everything that isn’t attached.
  • You may require a seat from which to launch yourself. Something to consider adding if you haven’t already.
  • Get your feet as wide apart as you can, shift your core directly over your feet, stand up from that forward leaning/weight-over-feet position.
  • Keep your body facing in line with the bow or stern of the boat and your feet at each side. Do not try to stand sideways.
  • I would add, wear a flotation device! Especially when practicing standing up.

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How to Stand Up in a Kayak for Fishing