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Stamp It Official: Virginia Passes Sunday Hunting Bill

Senate approval has made the Sunday hunting bill official in Virginia.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014 saw the Virginia State Senate pass a bill that repealed Virginia’s generations-old Sunday hunting ban, according to an Associated Press article via the Washington Post. The bill had passed through the state House and a spokesman for Gov. Terry McAuliffe said the governor intends to sign it into law.

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The “Blue Law,” as it was known, was around since the colonial era. Those in favor of the repeal argued a six-day hunting week hurt the local outdoor economy, as well as industries connected to it, like hotels and other local businesses.

A report from the Sunday Hunting Coalition revealed that getting rid of the Blue Laws still in existence in the 11 states they are enforced, over 27,000 new jobs would be created and it could stand to bring $2.2 billion in additional economic activity.

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Now that it’s official, wild game in Virginia will no longer have a day of rest. Neither will nature lovers who didn’t hunt and were known to use Sundays as their opportunity to get outdoors.

What are your thoughts on the repeal of the Sunday hunting ban? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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Stamp It Official: Virginia Passes Sunday Hunting Bill