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Here’s What Stalking Whitetail Deer in Texas is Like [VIDEO]

Stalking whitetail deer can be one of the hardest hunts to pull off, but with some practice it can be done.

Stalking whitetail deer requires you to pay full attention to all the elements of a hunt at one time. You have to factor in wind direction, scent, sight lanes, noises you hear, sounds you make, and much more, all while you are actively stalking.

To do this successfully requires a lot of skill, practice, and, let’s be honest, a little luck. Check out this video to see a very successful example of stalking whitetail deer in Texas.

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One important factor to keep in mind when stalking is that you need to know your land and know that you are the only one hunting the land.

Even if you are 99% sure that you are the only hunter you should still wear some safety orange when stalking to ensure your safety. No deer is worth your life.

Stay safe and get out to the woods today and start stalking whitetail deer.

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Here’s What Stalking Whitetail Deer in Texas is Like [VIDEO]