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Stalked by a Grizzly, What Do You Do? [VIDEO]

“Just keep backing away, dude.”

Nobody wants their fishing trip interrupted, especially by a grizzly bear that wants to play with your emotions.

These two fishermen encounter a false charge, and then turn on the GoPro when the grizzly bear continues to stalk them.

What do you do in a situation like this?

Staying calm and NOT running seemed to work pretty well for these guys, but it was a hair-raising encounter nonetheless!

WARNING: Some language is NSFW. 

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Over and over one of the fishermen says, “Go on bear,” in an effort to persuade the bear to just walk away.

Talking with each other and keeping calm was probably the best thing these two fishermen could have done, and it probably saved their life.

Notice the bear spray in the cameraman’s hand. If you’re going to be in grizzly country, that’s not a bad thing to have.

Personally, I prefer something with a little more kick.

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Stalked by a Grizzly, What Do You Do? [VIDEO]