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Stag Kills Man, Police Open Murder Investigation


A stag is the key suspect in this brutal murder case in Slovakia.

A murder investigation is underway after a plumber died from more than 20 stab wounds to his body. The current top suspect is a 660-pound stag from the deer farm where the plumber was found unconscious before being transported to a hospital and later succumbing to his wounds.

Vladimir Kostur was installing a new watering system for a stag farm outside of a small village in Slovakia when the incident occurred.

“I was just arriving to give Vlad a hand when I saw the stag appear out of nowhere and attack him,” said Frantisek Cerny, who witnessed the incident. “I couldn’t believe the ferocity of it. I always thought of deer as being cute things. But this one was anything but. It was terrifying. I ran over to help but by the time I got there, he was unconscious.”

According to the original story, after Kostur died from his wounds, local police opened a murder investigation. After speaking with the key witness, Cerny, they changed their charging offense to assault. In this case, just like many cases in America, if the offending stag were owned by an individual, that person would be responsible for Kostur’s death.

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“It very much depends now if it was a wild stag or if it was owned by someone. We are still investigating,” said police spokeswoman Martina Kredatusova.

Martin Moravek, a farmer from the stag ranch, did comment on the attack.

“It was a terrible accident and our hearts go out to the man’s family,” he said. “But this isn’t a criminal case. It’s an animal and they are unpredictable.”

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Stag Kills Man, Police Open Murder Investigation