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Sqwark and Whiskey Are the Strangest Animal Playmates You’ll Ever See

There have been plenty of odd animal friendships in history. This one between a dog and a magpie surely counts as one of the more unusual.

Most folks have heard that magpies are clever birds, gifted with intelligence and memory skills above the average bird. They have, along with crows and ravens, even been found to have reasoning and tool-making abilities that their feathered kin lack.

Stories of their mischievous nature also abound, as they are fond of stealing and hoarding little baubles and shiny objects. The word “magpie” is even used to describe someone who is an indiscriminate collector or hoarder.

But who knew that the birds could be as playfully energetic as affectionate as your average pet dog? The unusual friendship between a magpie named Sqwark and her terrier friend Whiskey might alter your view of these clever birds even more.

Whiskey is a five-year old terrier owned by Bonnie Thomson of Australia. She indicated that she had no idea how or when the magpie they dubbed Sqwark and Whiskey started playing with one another. “Not too sure,” she said. “We just started catching them playing around.”

She also indicates that Sqwark is free, and comes and goes as she pleases. The bird usually shows up in the afternoons to play with the little dog or, as seen in the video, try to playfully harrass Thomson on laundry day.

The play looks like it might be a little rough for the magpie at times, but apparently Whiskey knows his and Sqwark’s limits. It is really quite amazing, is it not?

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Sqwark and Whiskey Are the Strangest Animal Playmates You’ll Ever See