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Squirrel Strikes Snake, Seriously [VIDEO]

We have all seen squirrels act like they are nuts, but this rodent means business when slithering neighbors come around!

I've watched squirrels in parks and other public places, but this critter pays no attention at all to the camera operator and narrator. This squirrel is on a mission and apparently feels the way I do about snakes.

The snake is trying to get away, but this vindictive, toothy adversary is making an example out of this unsuspecting snake. I imagine all that practice the squirrel has cracking nuts comes in handy when taking a bite out of a common enemy. The squirrel strikes the snake, the snake attempts to haul butt.

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The circumstances of this unlikely encounter are not known, but whatever the snake did, I bet he regrets it. Squirrels may be looking to broaden their diet and move into the carnivorous category. It could also be just a squirrel that is fed up with the way things are. Either way, this "tree rat" has some serious moves and isn't satisfied with his spot on the food chain.


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Squirrel Strikes Snake, Seriously [VIDEO]