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Squirrel Mom Has Rambunctious Kids…er, Kits [VIDEO]


Mother squirrel must feel like a childcare worker with a room full of sugar-high little kids.

It’s often easy to engage in a bit of anthropomorphism, and to view animals as if they were human. It’s especially easy to compare the young red squirrels in this video to hyped-up children who just can’t sit still. They want so desperately to get out of the house – I mean nest.

It’s hard to tell what the mother squirrel is trying to do here. At times she seems to encourage the little ones to come out and join her, but later she appears to nudge and herd them back in. In either case, the young’uns can’t be contained. It’s all pretty darn adorable.

I wonder if it’s fair to assume that the little kits drive mother squirrel – dare I say it? – NUTS!

Video from My Backyard Birding.

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Squirrel Mom Has Rambunctious Kids…er, Kits [VIDEO]