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Watch This Youngster Go Squirrel Hunting With Tracers [VIDEO]

squirrel hunting with tracers

If you're going to hunt squirrels, here's a way to make it look even more awesome.

In this video, a young boy goes hunting with a single shot .22 rifle like many of us did as kids, but with a twist: he goes squirrel hunting with tracers.

Just when you think you've seen it all, here is something new: shooting squirrels with what essentially look like lasers.

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Before I saw this video, I didn't even know you could get tracers for a .22 Long Rifle.

While tracers always make for interesting videos (just be careful to not accidentally start a fire with one), they did not appear to be very effective against the squirrels (like the one that appeared to bounce off the first squirrel). Based on their performance in this video, I would not recommend them for squirrel hunting.

All in all, the boy appeared to be having fun and demonstrated some pretty good shooting. I don't know many people who could do better than him under those conditions.

Also, good on the dad for taking him out and introducing him to hunting.

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Watch This Youngster Go Squirrel Hunting With Tracers [VIDEO]