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Squirrel Hunting the Big Game Way  

Here are some big game tactics you can apply to squirrel hunting.

Squirrel hunting has a history in the United States that goes as far back as our buckskinned forefathers exploring the untamed continent. Squirrels fed colonial families and sharpened rifle skills in the single shot black powder era.

It continues to be a well-followed sport of the few and sadly, people are missing the potential skills squirrel hunting can provide for other hunts. Let's look at squirrel hunting the big game way.

The Big Picture

Squirrel hunting, especially later in the fall and into the winter when the leaves have fallen, becomes a lesson in complete woods stealth. Hordes of small peering eyes watch from the high trees and from the hiding places near the ground, while shelling their nutty finds to eat.

They know what is natural and what is unnatural in their own living rooms. What is that? A glint off a watch glass or a patch of uncovered human face looking up at them? They dart off to their hiding places until the hunter gets tired of waiting and ultimately leaves the squirrel's domain. This only happens once for the wise hunter, as this hunter returns with a new plan of stealth and a serious approach as would be used on bigger game.

Image from BadgerWatcher

Blending In

Full camouflage becomes the call to order with a covering of the face and hands especially after the leaves have fallen. This is where the modern camouflage reigns supreme in hiding the hunter from the prey.

There are many variations on the market, so pick the best that will blend you into your neck of the woods.

Be Very, Very Quiet

Watch those dry leaves and sticks. They will surely tip off your quarry to human intrusion.

Try hunting after a rain or in the morning when the leaves will be damp and not dry and noisy. Move slowly and watch where you step.

When moving through the woods, you should mimic that of the silent coyote that just pops up without a sound. Make sure not to push against trees or bushes as this disturbance will not go unseen or unheard.

Have a Seat

The best way to squirrel hunting, even for the impatient hunter, is to sit and wait against a large tree that is at least as wide as your shoulders to cover your outline.

Become the knot on the tree. Make sure you have a clear view of nut bearing trees and also of any den holes that may be in the area.

Soon the woods will be as if you were not present, and then the party starts!

Post your favorite squirrel hunting stories and comments below.

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Featured image provided by Hunt101

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Squirrel Hunting the Big Game Way