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Squirrel Eats Fermented Pumpkins, Gets Drunk [VIDEO]

Man, this squirrel looks just like our uncles usually do at Thanksgiving. Go home, squirrel. You’re drunk.

Now, we’ve all been there. Some of us barely remember most family holidays- but even this squirrel needs to slow down a bit. Talk about a cheap date.

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This video, out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, shows the effects on the North American gray squirrel when it eats a lot of fermented pumpkin. The result? The exact same thing that happens to humans when they drink too much fermented anything.

And it’s pretty hilarious.

We’ve covered drunken squirrels before, and even a pig or two, but this guy may take the cake.

Now, being that squirrels only live to be about 18 years old, this guy is most definitely underage. So if you see squirrels getting drunk at all, make sure you record the event to show to the proper authorities.

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Squirrel Eats Fermented Pumpkins, Gets Drunk [VIDEO]