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California Squirrel Adopts Thug Life Attitude, Attacks Passersby


Animal attacks on humans are not unusual, but this story of a squirrel with a bad attitude is something new.

A rampaging squirrel in Novato, California obviously has some sort of grudge against anyone who dares venture onto its turf.

Eight people have suffered the bushytail's wrath and have the bloody wounds to show for it.

Reports indicated that in more than one instance the squirrel leapt onto one of its victims from a tree it had been perched in.

Richard Williams, however, tells of a dramatic encounter where the squirrel assumed a far more aggressive approach by seeking Williams out in his own home. The squirrel entered Williams' garage where the homeowner had been working, and attacked without provocation.

"All of a sudden he charged me and jumped," recounted Williams. "And from then on, the battle started. He was really vicious...Every time I'd get him off, he'd jump back up again."

Williams suffered lacerations to his legs, arm and head. His glasses were also smashed by the rampaging rodent.

Williams' cries alerted his wife Norma to come to his aid. She grabbed a broom and did her best to strike the squirrel, whereupon the little terror turned its attack to her.

The couple were taken to a hospital by a neighbor, where they received treatment and shots for rabies.

Lisa Block of the Marin Humane Society told a reporter, "The fact is, we want people to stay calm. It's probably just one squirrel and a really unique situation."

KBCW Reporter Sharon Chin suggested, "It could be that the squirrel's been fed and is not afraid of people." How hand feeding a squirrel might account for such aggressive behavior is unclear, and seems doubtful to me.

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California Squirrel Adopts Thug Life Attitude, Attacks Passersby