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Squid Hits Angler Right in the Face With Ink [VIDEO]

Talk about having egg on your face. Except it’s not egg. It’s ink.

In this video, a kayak angler reels in a squid in Western Port Bay off the coast of Victoria, Australia, and is thanked for his troubles with a faceful of ink.

We like calamari as much as the next guy, but there are limits.

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Squid ink is actually used as a food color and flavor, although in ancient times (specifically in Greece) it actually was used as ink. Other than that, it is perfectly harmless, if a little annoying to be shot right in the face with.

Squid have two distinct “inking behaviors,” both of which are used to warn off predators. The first is to release a large cloud of ink into the water behind him, which acts like a smoke-screen, allowing them to jet away quickly to avoid being eaten.

The second is to release several smaller “false bodies” that are combinations of ink and mucus, that float in the water and confuse predators into attacking them instead of the squid.

We’d like to add a third inking behavior to the list: petulantly inking your captor right in the eye.

We bet that THIS squid was the best this angler had ever tasted.

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Squid Hits Angler Right in the Face With Ink [VIDEO]