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Now This is Why Square Ferro Rods Are a Great Idea

A simple design alteration in traditional ferro rods and one add-on could easily solve a problem and salvage a survival situation.

If you've watched the television series 'Alone' you'll get this. In both season one and season two, two characters on the survival show had issues with ferro rods.

It didn't occur to me when I watched season one when a character lost his ferro rod and decided to drop out of the contest. But when I saw the episode in season two where a contestant lost his ferro rod by having it accidently and unbeknownst to him roll into his fire pit, it occurred to me that there was a relatively easy fix to the problem.

Simply tie or loop a length of blaze orange paracord through the rod. If you've got a ferro rod with a six to eight inch bright orange cord attached to it, then losing it would be much more difficult. Or you could attach it to a heavier base of some material such as wood, bone, antler and the like.

But I like the idea of attaching an orange cord through the rod or base material. If you did happen to momentarily misplace the rod, the orange cord would make it easier to find, especially in low light conditions.

Then, upon checking an online ferro rod source in order to purchase a few new rods as gifts for family members, I saw that they had square ferro rods. Perfect! A square rod would certainly lessen the possibility of a ferro rod rolling into a fire like it had in the 'Alone' episode.

So, I did a search for "square ferro rods" and lo and behold, someone else had the exact same idea that I did. And they even made a short video about it.

Craig Caudill of the Nature Reliance School came up with the same solution to the lost ferro rod problem. Simply attach some orange paracord to the ferro rod so that it's easier to see, and go with a square ferro rod so that it is less likely to roll out of sight.

You can purchase square ferro rods from

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Now This is Why Square Ferro Rods Are a Great Idea