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What is Spybaiting, and Should You Try It? [VIDEO]

Spybaiting is an exceptionally positive fishing technique that will have you hooked in no time.

Spybaiting is a technique of Silent Capture. The exact origins of the technique is unknown, but is said to come out of Japan.

Tremendous concentration and the correct gear are required to pull of this successful technique.


Spybaiting entails a long cast of the line; you then count the bait down until it reaches the desired or preferred depth and then retrieve the lure very slowly allowing the lure to ultimately do all the work. The goal is to keep the lure in a straight line and reel it in slowly.

In order to accomplish this technique, you will need a good drop shot rod with a medium action and fluorocarbon line between a four and eight pound test.

Now that you know more about what spybaiting is it’s time to decide if this technique is for you.

It is a very successful technique, but make sure you have the right gear and are fishing in optimal spots stated in the video to be successful at it yourself.

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What is Spybaiting, and Should You Try It? [VIDEO]