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Springtime Means Bears in Michigan [VIDEO]

During spring, the Michigan Department of Natural a Receives a lot of calls, and many of those are to report black bear sightings and problems.

When nature awakens in spring, so do Michigan’s black bears, looking for food.

Here’s what the state DNR has to say when it comes to dealing with them.

“Bears are hungry,” said DNR bear specialist Kevin Swanson. “They are looking for food after spending months in their dens. While we might not think of bird feeders and trash cans as food sources, a hungry bear certainly may.”

As mentioned in the video, black bears remember food sources from year to year. Properly storing the potential food sources can help prevent damage from hungry bears and potentially unsafe interaction between bears and humans. Those who have dealt with food sources but still have bear problems after a few weeks should contact a local DNR office.

Notice she said that regulated hunting was the best tool to use for population management. Learn more about Michigan’s black bear at

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Springtime Means Bears in Michigan [VIDEO]