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Springbok Lock Horns, Jackal Has an Easy Feast

Think you’ve had a bad day? Watch as a hungry jackal goes to town on one of these locked-up springbok!

Life on the plains of Africa can be a tough one. Eat or be eaten is pretty much the credo 24 hours of the day. But for these two springbok, their worst nightmare is about to come true.

It all starts off innocently enough. A pair of springbok spar and jostle under the hot afternoon sun. But then things go awry. Similar to what can occur between whitetail bucks here in North America, their horns become locked up tight. Although it is unknown, exhaustion or a broken neck unfortunately ends the life for one animal.

What happens next is pretty incredible. One can only imagine what is going through the mind of the one springbok still standing!

Nature certainly isn’t always pretty. In fact, it can be mostly ugly at times. But, animals are opportunistic and need to feast in order to survive.

We are left wondering what happens next, but I doubt it was a happy ending for the other springbok.



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Springbok Lock Horns, Jackal Has an Easy Feast