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Spring Steelhead Run Has Michigan Anglers Excited [VIDEO]

Spring steelhead season in Michigan is officially open.

Anglers are flocking to the Grand River in Grand Rapids, Michigan in the hopes of reeling in a steelhead. Warmer water temperatures - a toasty 39 degrees Fahrenheit - are resulting in a somewhat early migration season for the fish as they move upstream to spawn. Local anglers have set up shop near the Grand Rapids Fish Ladder hoping for a bite.

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The warmer weather did not disappoint. Anglers fishing from boats tended to fare better than those on the bank, but there was plenty of fish to go around.

David Schuster, a Grand Rapids resident who frequently fishes the Grand River, expressed his disappointment with the size of this year's run.

"It was really good about five years ago," he told reporters. "Things have slowed down quite a bit in the last couple of years."

Fortunately, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources initiated a fish stocking program in 2013, and the steelhead population will hopefully see growth in the next few years.

If you do manage to land a nice steelhead this year, we have a fantastic recipe that will make your mouth water just by reading it.

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Spring Steelhead Run Has Michigan Anglers Excited [VIDEO]